For a solo moment, for two or who knows... for several, the aquatic experience is a veritable haven of desire and eroticism. Water is a naturally sensual element, and our bath salts and gels, as well as waterproof toys, will make these moments sublime. 

From relaxation to excitement and pleasure, you can choose it all!



Break taboos and dare to think outside the box! It's not easy to free ourselves from our fears, but once liberated, our bodies and minds are fully ready to exult without complexes.



Eroticism is an art to be learned, tamed and felt.It appeals to our primal instincts, our deepest needs and desires.


Whether it's a brief moment in our lives or a true art of living, let's make room for eroticism!



Open the door to an intriguing and obscure universe that fascinates as much as it frightens, but is sure to provoke a real adrenaline shot. 


Whether it's a body part or an object, the sight or touch of it provokes unparalleled excitement. The magic of fetishism...



Who said gluttony was a bad habit? Not us. 


On the contrary: with paints, oils, powders and even fruit-shaped toys, your appetite will be deliciously satiated and all your little hungers generously satisfied!



Looking for something new, something different, but not defined by a particular practice? 


The hybrid experience offers the possibility of testing a different approach to intimate relationships, reversing roles for a moment and offering a broader vision of carnal perspectives.



What could be more exciting than having a sensual experience without looking like it?


At the restaurant, in the cinema, in the car, play the aficionados of pleasure with objects that hide their game well but that don't hide from being made to lead you towards ecstasy, incognito!



The ultimate orgasm, absolute pleasure: myth or reality? It's up to you to discover the most elaborate objects, the most studied formulas so that your experience ends in fireworks for your senses, where the only final word will be : MORE!!!



Put yourself in the shoes of a character totally different from yourself, and dare to play a more daring, more fun, more liberated role. 


Why not put on the whole kit and caboodle?You'll be amazed at the effect it has on your partner.

Fantasies and passions guaranteed!



Tantrism is the art of becoming aware of every part of your body, without judgment or projection, in order to better experience sensations and become one with your soul.Liberating and restorative, it is a veritable window onto the awakening of the senses, charged with sensual energy.



The art of quick sex is not to be overlooked.


A spontaneous experience full of sensations, between two obligations, during a break... the only limit is your imagination. Let your impulses guide you, for a result that's simple, effective and, above all, fast.